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Six Summer Success Strategies for Your Small Business
  • 16 August 2016
  • Elvis Michael

Six Summer Success Strategies for Your Small Business

The summer season opens up opportunities for some types of small businesses. For others, however, summer months can lead to fewer customers and lower profits. Regardless of what type of business you own, the following success strategies can effectively help generate sales and visibility, even among those who are not generally familiar with your products and services.

1. Revamp your social media strategy

Though customers may not visit your business often, they are still active via social media, making your products one tap or click away. It is not only important to post new updates more frequently, but it is also crucial to know when your audience is more likely to be active online. Gather basic insights, such as traffic statistics and engagement rates, to help make social media interactions more effective.

Slower summer months might also be a great time to get acquainted with other social platforms you have been considering. Analyze the audience on these platforms, evaluate which channel is the right fit for your business and add it to your overall marketing mix for greater impact.

2. Focus on networking

Networking opportunities are available almost everywhere. Aside from more formal events, casual summer gatherings also offer subtle opportunities to let people know about your small business. Other ways to meet new faces in the summertime include sporting events or localized online platforms like Meetup. In the end, spreading the word about your business will help you gain loyal customers.

3. Leverage promotions

Limited-time deals and promotions are popular for a reason, and they can be particularly powerful in driving sales during slower summer months. Regardless of how busy a customer may be, ignoring a great opportunity is almost always difficult.

Success strategies may include "buy one, get one free" deals or discounts on select goods and services. You could also create a referral program in which you lower a product's price for anyone who brings in a new customer. The right summer sales strategy can help maintain, or improve, a healthy profit margin.

4. Leverage contests and freebies

Similarly to promotional incentives, contests and free gifts generally do a good job of drawing attention. They can also help generate buzz through word-of-mouth marketing, depending on the products and services offered.

For instance, you could launch a giveaway with easy admission requirements, such as leaving a comment on social media or texting a phone number between certain hours. You could also provide a free item one day of the week to select customers or those involved in a particular membership. Do not forget to routinely advertise these freebies on your website and via your newsletter campaign. For help creating and managing an e-mail or newsletter marketing campaign, check out Act! Essentials.

5. Update existing properties

Look into your existing offerings and revamp them. For instance, could your company blog use a makeover? Do your online products need fresh images or more detail? Prioritize the accessibility of your existing properties, and make it easy to find your contact information.

Likewise, take some time to clean up or optimize your e-mail campaign or add more creativity to your social media profiles. Keeping everything up-to-date or embracing a fresh, new look could draw potential customers who might otherwise dismiss your business.

6. Launch that new idea

Perhaps you have been considering the launch of a new project or service. On the other hand, you may want to develop a new marketing strategy or experiment with various online advertising campaigns. Look into your company's wish list and implement a few new ideas during the summer months. This should help to bring in new sales and improved business.

The summer months do not have to cause worry in regard to your business's profits and overall growth. Implementing the right success strategies along with careful analysis can help sustain—or improve—your success during these unpredictable times.

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