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Does Your Business Have a Strong Online Presence? Here is Why it is Important
  • 18 May 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Does Your Business Have a Strong Online Presence? Here is Why it is Important

Some businesses do not necessarily need websites or online profiles to survive and flourish. However, every company has something to gain from making themselves increasingly visible to their customers on the Internet. So run a quick Google search and ask yourself: How easy is it to find your business online? If you are surprised or disappointed by the results, it may be time to take action. Here are some reasons why it is important to build and maintain a strong online presence.

1. Local consumers need to be able to access information about your store

Running a successful brick-and-mortar operation may seem detached from the Internet. However, what happens when your customers need to check on your hours? Or what about when they forget the best route to your business? In these scenarios, your audience will likely run a Google search and look at the results for guidance.

By adding your company's basic details online, you can establish a professional image and throw your name in amongst some of the biggest players in your industry. You should strive to help your customers out by making it easy to find you. If they have to search around for the information they need or find conflicting answers because you have yet to set the record straight, they may become increasingly frustrated, which could have a negative impact on their relationship with your brand.

2. Avoid pointless phone calls

When you have a physical store full of customers, you will want to devote your time and attention to serving them. If your website is extremely difficult to find, you may find that many prospects will call your store to obtain trivial details, drawing your focus away from your on-site customers. These distractions can have a negative effect on your rapport with your regular customers, and end up costing you money down the line. At a more basic level, the sound of a phone ringing constantly can be an annoyance for everyone in the store.

3. Assure your customers that you are open for business

Nearly all consumers expect to find the basic information about a business online. When people cannot even locate your hours or location to a degree of certainty, they may think you closed since the last time they visited your store. As many small businesses experience a high degree of turnover, customers may take your online absence as a sign that you went out of business, especially if you do not have a social media account or another means by which to communicate with them.

4. Receive instant endorsements

When your business is easy to find online, consumers can have instant access to reviews posted on a variety of different websites, such as Yelp, Google My Business, and Yahoo! Local Listings. In an effort to show off your desirable business reputation, you should take a few hours to claim the listings on these types of top review sites.

5. An opening to online sales

At a basic level, you can encourage your customers to shop if and when your site is easy to find and user friendly. Even if you do not start selling directly from your website, you can truly benefit from giving your customers the opportunity to preview your inventory. In this scenario, consumers may spend less time wandering around your store, allowing you to get one step closer to a quick, easy sale.

In order to be truly successful in this technology-driven world, you must have a strong online presence and make it easy for anyone to find your business through a simple search engine query. Whether you want to set up a full-fledged website or just offer the basic information about your location and services online, marketing and graphic design services can help.

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