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What Does Your Business’s Instagram Say About Your Company?
  • 30 September 2019
  • Leo Covey

What Does Your Business’s Instagram Say About Your Company?

With over one billion users, Instagram has skyrocketed into a social media juggernaut and an essential channel for any small business. Equal parts photo feed, blog, vlog, live streamer and direct-to-consumer messenger, there is not much that Instagram cannot do when it comes to helping you sell your brand and engage with your customers. With the right strategies in mind, you can unlock the full potential of this powerful platform. Before you “do it for the ’gram,” get in touch with these best practices.

What Does Your Business’s Instagram Say About Your Company?

Pump up your profile

There are a few crucial details at the top of your feed that sometimes get overlooked. Your profile image, bio and website link are all fundamental building blocks of your Instagram and the way you project yourself to your customers.

  • Stand for your brand - If you are going to feature your company logo as your profile image—and most businesses do—make sure it is clearly legible on smaller mobile screens.
  • Beef up your bio - You have 150 characters to describe what you do in clear, enticing, irresistible language. You get only one shot to make a first impression.
  • Weave in your website - Be sure to include your company URL because Instagram can help direct valuable ecommerce traffic. You can also link to any websites you mention in your posts.

Feed your feed with valuable content

In Instagram, engagement is the name of the game, with 80% of businesses ranking it as their top metric for success. Before you “snap and share,” ask yourself what is going to get people to stop, read, and hopefully double-tap “like” or comment. Beautiful, interesting images play a role. So does copy that inspires, informs or makes people smile. And a relevant hashtag or two can only help. While it is easy to fall into the trap of chasing vanity follows, quality followers and engagement will come only with high-quality content.

Think visually

While you may want to treat every photo as a new opportunity, think of your entire feed as a reflection of your brand. Consistency is a powerful strategy. Use Instagram’s photo-editing tools and filters to establish and maintain a beautiful vibe for your feed that customers can spot easily as they are scrolling.

What Does Your Business’s Instagram Say About Your Company?

Video rules

Instagram’s increasing foray into video, including Stories and IGTV, is proof that people are hungry for more. Some statistics say that video posts receive more than twice the number of comments as other types of posts. But with so many options, which videos go where?

  • Video posts are ideal for more formal product or brand stories that you want to live permanently.
  • Stories are perfect for looser, behind-the-scenes content. And because of the 24-hour window before they disappear, they work for events, sales promotions and other timely announcements.
  • Use Instagram Live when there’s a moment happening in real time that you think your customers would not want to miss.

It is an exciting time to be a business owner. The world of social media gives you powerful tools to play with and puts millions of people in the palm of your hand. As the landscape continues to evolve, keep experimenting to find the Instagram formula that works for you and your company.


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